Mobile Sites

TMDR’s web platform has 3 web interfaces for jobseekers:

* Classic – this is still our main interface and is designed for use on desktop or laptop screens, offering the fullest user experience. It’s available at www.[domain] for each site on our platform.

* Tablet – this user interface is designed for use on iPad and other tablets, making use of device-specific functions such as touchscreen and location. It’s accessible at m.[domain] for our sites. Our tablet and phone sites offer some functionality such as salary surveys, not available on the classic site.

* Phone – our third interface is designed for use on smartphones, featuring simplified user journeys, but trying to preserve the full jobsearch functionality our users expect. It’s also accessible at m.[domain]

When you visit our sites, we detect whether you are on a desktop, phone or tablet and direct you to the relevant version of the website automatically. If you want to switch between the m. and www. versions, you’ll find buttons or links in the footers of each site.

The mobile sites are deliberately very different from our classic sites, and also differ significantly between tablet and phone. That’s because we believe user interfaces should be designed to work best for what the user wants to do at that time, and what’s possible through that device. ┬áPeople use desktops, tablets and phones in different ways and at different times of the day.

What about apps? Some sites in the TMDR portfolio have apps – generally we develop apps for the iOS and Android platforms, but also Nokia and Blackberry on occasions. If the site has its own apps, and you visit using a mobile device, you’ll be prompted to download the app.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the usage patterns on our mobile sites, and will keep developing them over time. If you’ve any immediate feedback, please do let us know.